Do You Want To Stop Gaining Weight Every Week, Feeling Exhausted and Having To Buy Bigger Suits? 

Stop Feeling Like You're Freefalling From One Day To The Next and Take Charge Again!

Before I tell you how we can get your mojo back in 12 weeks flat, you should know I'm 39, I've been through it all and I get it.

I'm not going to tell you to get into some crazy, "let's get ripped" mega muscle program.

Things change for guys over 30 who have a 'real life' and what you thought you knew won't get the job done.

If you're like my other clients, you’re fed up, frustrated, annoyed and deflated...

Looking at yourself in the mirror can fill you with regret.

Being out of shape can make the best of us feel worthless no matter how much money you're making and how well others think your life is going.
We can sugar-coat it with excuses about work and women and kids and keep telling ourselves we should get started but I was where you are right now…
...struggling to find the motivation to exercise when I knew it was good for me - pretending it's all okay and joking about things but in private wondering what the hell happened.
When I first joined a gym many years ago I didn’t even go for seven months.
Honestly, it’s true!
Well, I was scared.
Scared of people pointing the finger, laughing at me if I did something wrong and just not looking as good as everyone else.
We’ve all been there.
To make it worse, information about diet and nutrition is confusing and conflicting (it seems like EVERYTHING is bad for you these days, right?)
If you’re like I was before I figured all this out then you’re probably looking down at your body and thinking "When did this happen?!”
You’ve just about had enough of starting again and the thought of trying to change shape is like trying to drag your car out of the mud.
You’re Stuck and Not Moving Anywhere Fast

You've reached that point where it's just quicker to get a proven, tried and tested method implemented AND FAST.
I know this, my experiences have taught me most of what I need to help people. I’ve changed the lives, physique, and attitude of literally 100s of men just like you.
I understand what you’re going through.

It sucks and thinking about it just makes the mountain seem twice as high.

The truth is, the old ways of punishing yourself back into shape are no fun, they don't last and they don't work the same as when you were 23.
The way I defeated my fear was to take some action and get help and at the time I didn’t know what to do so I hired a trainer.
Now it’s my turn to help someone… and I want to help you take charge of your life.

I'm not here to do it for you but you're not that kind of guy anyway.

Guys like us are happy to do graft, it's in our DNA, but it's always good to have a plan that gets the job done twice as fast right?
The real game-changer in your life lies locked away under all the stuff that has got in the way. There's a reason it affected you and unless you pull the roots out, you're going to be looking for solutions over and over again.

Life Is Far Too Short To Carry On Delaying Feeling Like and Being a Man In Charge
I want you to let rip, to feel alive again and grab life by the balls.
You won't find loads of BS like some of those 20 year-olds who pretend they’re nutritional gurus and motivational speakers on social media.

Let's be honest, it all sounds good but these kids born in the 90's just haven't seen what we've seen and don't know that life's very different when you have responsibilities to work around!
You know, the guys who advocate you gotta train until you puke and eat chicken and broccoli six times a day.
I’m a coach. And I've FELT where you're at.

My approach, methods and mentality are different.
And my 'personal genius' lies in helping people do the things that you struggle to execute and it's kinda weird how simple it really is!
It's about being challenged but enjoying exercise again and creating a healthy lifestyle that fits. It's important that everything clicks into place and for you and makes you...

Feel Excited About Yourself and Your Life Again
We’re all different, living different lives. So how John gets to his goal could be different from Paul or James.
You’re here because of obstacles and desires that are YOURS and yours only and I want to show you the simplest way forward.
We all know we need to exercise and eat better…
…but for some reason we find it difficult to do it.
I'm going to bring some clarity back into your life and help you see it's easier than it seems right now.
The great news is I nearly always find my clients are just ONE MOMENT OF CLARITY AWAY from making the big leap towards success.

The thoughts that we snowball in our heads around getting back to feeling like a man in charge, are often harder than just getting it done.
I'm Going To Make Sure You Break Through That Glass Celing
Few guys are smart enough, or brave enough to get their own coach to blast through to new levels and maximize their true potential.

I know, I know...'re a man and men don't read instruction manuals, right?!

I can bring you 15 years of working with guys who want to be the best version of themselves but whose life has drowned out the fire over the last 20 years.

They've given up hope and find themselves making more and more excuses that even they don't believe and don't want to be saying.

The answers are here and it's nothing new to me.

This isn't some new fad I'm trying out.

I know it works because many have gone before you, and you're one call away from taking Step 1 (the hardest one!)
I've designed a simple and powerful program to help guys like you break free from your old limiting beliefs... 
The Designer DadBod Progam Is Ready To Plug Into Your Life
What I have for you is plain and simply a collection of methodologies that will unleash your mojo and turn you into an inspirational badass!!

I’m here to help you become influential in your own world again. man of influence ever sat back and waited and waited.
The time is right NOW because I don't expect (or need) you to come to me with a bag full of sunshine and rainbows.

Life will keep challenging you but you're about to get your hands on exercise and lifestyle systems that fit seamlessly with a go-getter attitude.

The question is how long you want to watch the other go-getters go-getting what's yours?

  • Smash through the one thing standing in the way of everything 
  • The exercise programs that work best for guys over 35
  • Time-efficient strategies for busy guys who demand more of themselves.
  • The three daily habits you need most to get your mojo back


Booking a personal strategy call doesn't come with any obligations.

I want to find out more about you and make sure I understand what you really need before we start talking about the details of your personal program.

A new body and the re-ignition of your 'inner man' is on the other side of your 30 minute call!



"I lost 14 pounds in my first 3 weeks on the Designer Dadbod program - I love how refreshing it felt to be in charge again!"

Ryan Brittain

“The only regret I have is that I didn't find the Designer Dadbod Plan sooner"

Martin Swinn


I know you might be thinking about doing this 'next week', or after your birthday or as soon as things calm down at work.

The truth is that we all know that just isn't going to happen and no magic fairy is going to make life this nice open path with nothing else to do but exercise.

The good news is it doesn't need to be - I'll show you EXACTLY how to fit exercise and healthy eating into business and a busy family life.